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Router security

Password setup on router OR switch

same topology we will use for configuring TELNET and SSH. Now lets see how to setup password on the router.

These are the commands to setup password on router OR switch.

R1#configure terminal
R1(config)#enable ?
                Password :  Assign the privileged level password

                Secret :   Assign the privileged level secret

Note: there are two types of password you can set up on router or switch, one is "clear text" password and another is "secret" password, if you set up clear text password then anyone can see clear text password in show running-config command and if you set up secret password then that password will be encrypted so that no one can see password by executing show running-config command.
first we will set up the simple password ( clear text ).

R1(config)#enable password ittables

Note: this command is use to set up password for privileged mode, "ittables" is the password.

R1(config)#do write

Note: "write" command is use to save the configuration
R1(config)#do show run

Note: we can see the password by executing "show running-config" command in following image.

Now lest set up encrypted password on router.

R1(config)#enable secret

Note: to set up encrypted password we should use "enable secret" command and after command put the keyword which you want to be a your secret password in this case we are using as our secret password.

R1(config)#do show run

now have look at output you will see one encrypted password. so in the following output you can see the both password, but the secret password is in encrypted manner and the normal password is in clear text which you can see.

R1(config)#service password-encryption

Note: To encrypt all the clear text password we should use "service password-encryption" command. which will encrypt all the password which are in clear text. whatever password you assign after this command would be in encrypted manner, even your console and telnet password would be in encrypted. lets see in following output.

R1(config)#do show run
 In this output you can see clear text password is now in encrypted manner.

Now lets setup password for console line.
These are the commands. and don't forget to save the router configuration if you reboot the router without saving configuration router wont ask you for any password which you previously configured.
R1(config)#line console 0
R1(config-line)#password ittables


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